Charge Your Gadgets With Wind Power

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Now you can keep your cell and iPod charged anywhere, from the streets of Madrid to the middle of the Sahara.

The HYmini is a handheld, hybrid universal charger that captures renewable wind and solar power, along with conventional wall plug power. The harnessed energy is used to charge most 5V digital gadgets, including cell phones, mp3 players, iPods, digital cameras, and more.

All it takes is a breeze of between 9 and 30 mph to keep the battery charging. The translucent wind turbine glows green while in use, and the device contains an LED night light.

Does it work? According to its users, the HYmini is the real deal. Tim Leffel, professional travel writer and editor of, reports on his blog: “I simply stuck the thing in my office window on a nice spring day and then fully charged up my iPod.” According to, 20-40 minutes of wind is all you need to start charging.

Several accessories are available with the HYmini (at extra cost) to help utilize green power to its full potential, including portable miniSOLAR panels, miniHANDCRANCK, armbands, and a connector for bicycle handlebars. No additional software is required to charge up the gadgets you already own.

The HYmini comes in black, white, and of course, green.

Price: $74.98 | BUY

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