Cairo to Cape Town: A Journey Completed!

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In case you haven’t been following along, my cousin Sam and his friend Peter have completed their motorcycling trip from Cairo to Cape Town, arriving in the South Africa coastal city this week.

Though they were well-prepared, I get the feeling that the trip was even more challenging than the guys expected. Here are a couple of highlights from the blog:

A Nightmare in Gondar – Sam faced every motorcycle-tripper’s worst nightmare in Ethiopia: a collision involving a young child, followed by several days of nasty negotiations (read: haggling) with the local police.

One Road, One Desert, One Rib – The guys had a wild ride from Cairo to Khartoum.

So Far Away From Me – A dispatch from Nairobi, after the fiasco in Gondar and a ride down the ‘Bandit Road’.

I’m sure, somewhere, my aunt (and assorted other family members) are breathing sighs of relief.

Sam and Peter may have arrived safely in the Cape, but they’re still looking to raise more money for Spread the Net, a charity that provides treated nets for children in malarial zones. Swing by the blog and donate if you’re able!

Photo courtesy of Peter Loewen

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